PEN E-PL1 Figuring out the overlaid functions of MENU, INFO, Start/Ok, Zoom during Live View

Q: Looks tooo hard!! How did it get so popular when there is so much to remember or do most people use it in A or P mode?

A: The E-PL1 is quite a sophisticated camera once you switch it off iAuto (even iAuto allows more control than some other cameras). To map all those functions onto just four buttons and no dials is quite an achievement but I kept getting confused just reading the manual. This flow chart hopefully captures the logic sequence and context.

The main part of the flowchart is the AF frame selection which I was emphasising. Most people don't even know it exists and even if it exists, they can't get their heads around it (same as me). So that's why I sat down and wrote the flowchart so that I could grasp why random button presses were not working for me. The buttons have a logic sequence and if you in the middle of your logic sequence, expect to jump to another context, you can't. You have to press some exit key (and that differs, there is no common button called Exit) before you can jump between contexts.

The camera works best either if you simply choose iAuto which has six simply worded options to control (most cameras have no options to control in iAuto) or "P" if you don't like iAuto and just point and shoot after you have set up some personalised defaults.

Draft Revision 1 Logic Map